Eccentric Intimacy: Love Like a Fairy Tale


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He’s no normal person—but that’s what intrigues her the most. And he likes the fact that he can’t deduce everything about her at first glance. She does things that aren’t recognizable—simply because these things are original. There’s something about these two that makes the other curious—and that curiosity is what unconsciously keeps them together longer than they’ve ever been with anyone else before. They share dreams of old-fashioned romances, but as irresistible as they find each other, can they wait that long? What about trust when their relationship gets more intimate? Can she accept vulnerability in exchange for the love that he wants to give her? And can he be patient with her when she starts doing insensible things that he doesn’t understand? Are they really meant to be like the universe keeps suggesting, or is all this a wishful fairy tale in their own minds?


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