Eccentricity: Society’s Secret Sauce: The Value of Being Eccentric


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Why did John Lennon call an emergency meeting of The Beatles and Apple Records management to announce that he was Jesus Christ returned in the flesh? What drove Albert Einstein to pick cigarette butts up off of the street and smoke them rather than buy his own pack?  Why did Nikola Tesla try to turn dull students into bright students by flooding their classroom with electricity? Were Albert Einstein, John Lennon and Nikola Tesla insane or was their odd behavior a manifestation of their eccentrics natures?  From exploring the fascinating historical roots of eccentricity to examining the impact of eccentric individuals into the 21st century, the author utilizes 12 historical figures such as Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, John Lennon, Lord Byron and Benjamin Franklin to name but a few and discovers a special ingredient, a ‘secret sauce’ that is the hallmark of eccentric people. Whether eccentric people are innovative individuals who changed the world or everyday people who positively impact the lives of those around them, every eccentric person has in common the ‘secret sauce’ of eccentricity that you will discover in this book.


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