The Eccentric Entrepreneur: Unbelievable Laughter and Libation

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The Eccentric Entrepreneur How much does it cost to buy a drink for a fully loaded Boeing 727? How does a wealthy business owner take care of his home and property using the children of employees and both profit from the experience? How many dozen roses does it take to make your female employees happy at Christmas? How to get free farm labor from your sales force and administrative team? How about creating a new employee benefit by paying them to not select your healthcare plan? How many different drinking games can be played in a single afternoon? How to make a point to a restaurateur by buying $100 of cheese toast by the slice? How about sailing in the Gulf of Mexico with seven Playboy Bunnies? How to fire an employee who hated being paid for doing absolutely nothing? How to get back at a car dealership for poor sales attention? These and many more questions are answered in The Eccentric Entrepreneur Richard L. Murphy was the creator, owner and Director of Advanced Medical Laboratory Inc. in Pontiac, Michigan. He was unique, both loved and hated by his employees, frequently at the same time and by the same employee. It was an unconventional place to work. Most days were spent doing your job. But for me and many other employees there were unbelievable experiences. I needed to write them down. They occurred from 1971 to 1991.


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