The Surreal Life of the Eccentric Uncle

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My book is about my amazing life in the gay world. It has the adventures I’d experienced before and after my seroconversion of HIV. These stories include my incredible friends and the life’s lessons they taught me. I also include tips in between each story of what you, the reader, could possibly use. I speak of sites, history, quirky tidbits, danger, adventure and even the bizarre. I can’t forget about a scandalous murder – disturbing. The one priority for me is to include gay education, history and HIV/AIDS. This must include a tribute to those who lost their lives to AIDS. I want you to read into each story my compassion, reality, awareness, knowledge, thought, encouragement, creativeness and humor. The one thing that should stick out is my direction of hope. I’m bringing you the lost art of imagination back. My message to you is to be true to yourself with adventurism and the appreciation of the life you have and lead.

About the Author

I am a first time inspiring author. I live in beautiful Washington State.

My education was completed in 1996 at Western Washington University, Exercise Science.

My interests include exercising, reading, outdoor adventures which includes camping, hiking, rafting

and long walks along the river.

The spiritual meaning behind the colors of the front cover:

The brown chair signifies Mother Earth where all life begins

The blue saucer signifies the water of life that we all require

The light green coffee cup signifies the sprouting of all life

The dark green shirt signifies the tree of life that we all adhere to

The blue jeans signifies the essence within us all

The golden wheat book signifies the nourishment of knowledge

The pink triangle signifies my people’s struggles and successes

The blood red table top signifies me coming out of tragedy I endured

The orange floor signifies the hell I went through

The yellow wall signifies me characterized by the Phoenix rising from the hell below

The black table base signifies our final destiny: With every beginning, there must be an end


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