The thought of going to a Political party conferences isn’t most people’s cup of tea. So with this in mind the Moster Raving Looney Party gathering is a lively affair, which is a mixture of drinking, music and basically having fun.

The Official Monster Raving Loony Party (OMRLP) was established in 1983 by musician and politician David Sutch or better knowen as Screaming Lord Sutch. The OMRLP are distinguished by having a deliberately bizarre manifesto, which contains things that seem to be too impossible or too absurd to implement — usually to highlight what they see as real-life absurdities.

Despite its laughable nature, some of the things that have featured in Loony manifestos have become law, such as being able to vote at 18, “passport for pets”, and all-day pub openings.

It’s one of the last Interviews that the late “Screaming Lord Sutch” gave at Party conference.

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