Ministerial Positions in the Loonie Party

Lord Pumba of Spruce ‘n Bruce

A lamp post at the corner of Spruce & Bruce Streets being his calling card,  has been appointed as Minister of D’fence due to his obvious resemblance to Sir Winston Churchill. The party feels this will give us more “cred”. .


Sir Leroy Brown

Sir Leroy has taken another post (not as in lamp). He is now Minister of D’arts. “And it’s bad, bad Leroy brown The baddest dog in the whole damn town Badder than old King Kong And meaner than Junkyard Dog.” It was unanimously agreed at the party meeting in August at the Black Badger that Sir Leroy did not match up to the words in the song . He looks “too sweet” . Thus his new position as Minister of D’arts. Just say 301 and he will be there. . . .


Liv has accepted the position as Shadow Minister of Cuteness.

A new position was formed just to accommodate her in the new party. In the tradition of “Prince” “Bono” & “Madonna” she is to be known by just one name. Nobody else could possibly be cuter, so there will be no confusion. .


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